Thursday, January 31, 2013

 8:53 am, Pacific Beach. Heavy pre-dawn spraying filled the morning sky.

 9:21 am. A new jet starts spraying on the usual northwest route.

 9:21 am.

 9:21 am.

 9:22 am. Previous trails are merging to the east with the new one.

 9:22 am. Another jet is flying in the opposite direction, southeast bound.

 9:22 am. The jet is releasing a trail behind that will eventually shift to the east.

 9:22 am. A third jet is flying in parallel formation spraying another trail.

 9:22 am. The previous trail is already expanding.

 9:22 am. A fourth jet appears right above, heading south.

 9:22 am. The trails are expanding to the northeast.

 9:22 am.

 9:22 am. While the three previous trails are expanding and merging to the left, a 4th jet starts a new round of spraying.

9:22 am. The fourth trail is now moving and expanding eastward. At 11:44 am the cycle started again with multiple jets filling a sky already saturated by the early morning spraying.

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