Saturday, March 2, 2013

Point Loma, 1:07 pm. After a few days of clear skies, geo-engineering activities resumed with another wave of aerosol spraying.

1:18 pm. A second jet flies next to the lingering and expanding trail left 10 minutes before.

1:30 pm. The chemical haze regarded as harmless "water vapor" by pseudo-intellectuals persists for the majority of the afternoon.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

After a long day of consistent aerosol spraying throughout San Diego skies, another jet crosses at lower altitude spraying a chemical trail that stretched for approximately 50 miles. Recorded here on video:

4:43 pm, Point Loma, San Diego.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

6:40 am, Pacific Beach. Traces of aerosol activity through the night are visible at first light.

6:49 am. Another jet takes off heading north.

7:28 am.

7:29 am.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Multi-directional jet-sprayed chemical trails are converging here from several angles. The haze across the lower right of the photo is from previous spray trails that have spread into a misty haze. The "sun dog" or rainbow sun spot is a reflection of solar light captured by the various artificial chemicals. While sun dogs do occur naturally, they are being seen increasingly due to consistent jet chemical trail spraying. This sequence of photos is shockingly unnatural and very concerning.

 1:13 pm, Encinitas (North County, San Diego).

 1:14 pm. The multi-directional trails have fanned out in varying directions to form a giant x in the sky.

1:14 pm. Nothing in this photo is natural except the blue-colored backdrop of the sky.

 6:43 am, Pacific Beach. Chemical residue stains San Diego blue skies in the early morning.

 6:44 am. Chemical trails at first light.

7:35 am. Another day of spraying begins in the early morning. The flight path from the southeast to the northwest is a constant recurrence.

7:35 am. Close-up.

7:36 am. The jet is gaining altitude. Chemical haze fills the background.

7:38 am. 

Short video of a jet flying and spraying along the San Diego coast:

7:39 am, Pacific Beach.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

 8:53 am, Pacific Beach. Heavy pre-dawn spraying filled the morning sky.

 9:21 am. A new jet starts spraying on the usual northwest route.

 9:21 am.

 9:21 am.

 9:22 am. Previous trails are merging to the east with the new one.

 9:22 am. Another jet is flying in the opposite direction, southeast bound.

 9:22 am. The jet is releasing a trail behind that will eventually shift to the east.

 9:22 am. A third jet is flying in parallel formation spraying another trail.

 9:22 am. The previous trail is already expanding.

 9:22 am. A fourth jet appears right above, heading south.

 9:22 am. The trails are expanding to the northeast.

 9:22 am.

 9:22 am. While the three previous trails are expanding and merging to the left, a 4th jet starts a new round of spraying.

9:22 am. The fourth trail is now moving and expanding eastward. At 11:44 am the cycle started again with multiple jets filling a sky already saturated by the early morning spraying.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7:31 am, Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, looking south. Heavy spraying had been going on all morning. Here another jet is in the process of spraying.

 7:32 am. A new trail is filling the air.

 7:33 am. The usual route from the southeast to the northwest, across San Diego County, repeats on a daily basis.

7:33 am, looking east. Morphing, white trails fill the eastern skies from planes which had tracked back and forth at dawn.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10:28 am, Pacific Beach. Short video of a massive trail stretching all across the sky.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

6:54 am, Pacific Beach, San Diego. Another jet spraying a massive trail while moving westward and then abruptly changing trajectory to the north.

6:57 am.
7:01 am. The trail begins to expand.

7:05 am. Still expanding.

7:11 am.

7:15 am.

7:26 am. New onlookers have no idea that what they are viewing is not only artificial, but was created by an airplane.

7:26 am. In the center of the photo, an additional small jet is flying from south to north. While not apparently involved in geoengineering experiments, its simple water vapor trail (contrail) is disappearing behind it almost instantaneously. The two crafts are flying in nearly identical air space, sharing the same atmospheric conditions, yet one is releasing a substance that is filling dozens of square miles of sky with artificial haze. Of what is this haze composed? Does it threaten our well-being?

7:27 am. Another view of two entirely different results. The top left corner continues to morph and expand. This is clearly not water vapor trails, but the result of unknown chemicals, possibly aluminum, barium, and strontium -- the basis of geoengineering weather experimentation.

7:27 am. The aircraft is now approaching the massive artificial cloud cover released some 30 minutes earlier from a previous, unmarked white jet, which is now long gone.

7:27 am. The panorama of what has been happening in the sky above San Diego this quiet morning.

7:42 am. Morning news reports hail another "cloudless" day in San Diego. Local residents wake in awe of this "beautiful" cloud formation. "Isn't nature beautiful?" It's virtually impossible to convince anyone of the true, artificial source of this cloud-like formation in the sky.

 7:45 am.

7:59 am. A new jet begins spraying on the same route.

 7:59 am. It's hardly 8:00 am and Round Two has begun.

8:00 am.

8:01 am.