Friday, January 18, 2013

6:55 am, Pacific Beach, San Diego, looking south. Two parallel airplane trails linger in the sky, slowly merging into one artificial cloud.
6:55 am.
7:21 am. A new trail is formed by an unmarked jet in a northwest trajectory from the southeast.
7:22 am. Close-up. The milky-white haze in the background is all from previous spraying. None of it is natural cloud-scape.
7:24 am. The jet is progressively reaching a higher altitude and continues to spray across the sky.

7:25 am. Close-up of the white emissions.
7:25 am. Even closer examination of the artificial cloud substance, already expanding to the south and slowly moving to the east.
7:32 am. Same trail, still shifting, morphing, and expanding to the east.
8:09 am. Almost unrecognizable from the previous picture taken approximately 30 minutes earlier, yet still lingering and still moving further east.

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